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SpaceCode is a web app development company with the right approach

Some of the companies with which I worked faced the problem of supporting their websites. They constantly had to modify and redo something to make their website function. Sometimes it happened that their site crashed and had to contact us for help.

As an individual backend web development expert in the past and SpaceCode Founder in present I know that the developer needs time to understand the code and solve the problem, but sometimes bug is too easy. The customer spends most of the budget only because the code needs to be studied.

To solve these problems, we have developed the best cms for website development based on Laravel.

We've been exposed to hundreds of projects over the years acting as a lead designers, UX lead, UX consultants, product advisors and full stack developers, which have helped us to optimise the quality and speed of our CMS. We always work with a clear timeframe towards specific deliverables and outcomes, so even though writing code is a creative process, it's always aligned with the business objectives.

We approach all our projects, regardless of the project size, with a kick-off discovery session to understand our client's vision, the business objectives and what the user data is indicating.

We help companies build and launch their products, improve their UX and product performance or completely develop whole project.

A little about CMS GoDesk

Superbly developed admin panel for Laravel websites. We have carefully worked on it and use the modern web development technologies to make you the most productive in the galaxy.

Assignment access

The process of checking the username and password of the user (or similar data).

Assignment users

User management, the ability to delete, create and edit, assign roles and permissions.

Assignment roles

Role management, the ability to delete, create and edit, assign specific permissions. A role can be assigned to a user.

Assignment permissions

The right to perform certain operations by users. It is possible to assign to the user either for a specific role.

Settings logo & favicon
Logo & Favicon

The ability to upload a logo and favicon, which is cropped to specific sizes. The favicon is cropped twice for different sizes and is automatically placed in links in head.

Settings resource's prefixes
Resource's prefixes

For some resources (for example posts) a prefix is required to display on website url. You can change them.

Settings tracking
Tracking codes

Analytics and statistics should be far from the last place in website optimization. Godesk makes it possible to insert Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel Code.

Settings multilanguage

You can change admin panel language, specify the website main language and add additional ones.

Seo meta fields
Meta fields

Each page requires meta fields: meta-title, meta-description, meta-keywords, openGraph and json-ld. We took care of it.

Seo crawlers
Web crawlers

A spiderbot systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing. We give you the ability to control them.

Seo additional meta
Additional meta

A lot of metadata is not used by developers. We offer you the opportunity to manage rel=first, rel=last, rel=next, rel=prev, rel=canonical, rel=up, rel=author links and meta name=document-state.

Filemanager upload

You can upload files both single and multiple.

Filemanager display

After uploading the file, you can view detailed information about it.

Filemanager folders

The file manager has the ability to create, delete and rename folders.

Filemanager multiple

You can upload files all together by choosing their path or use Drag and Drop function.

Pages templates

It often happens that the unusual body field is not enough for you. So, you can use template function to choose custom page.

Pages statuses

There are two statuses for displaying pages: published and pending. In the second case, the page will be unavailable.

Pages guards

Let's say you need an API that should work in the same application and work with JSON web tokens. Web defender is used by default.

Pages multilanguage

All multilingual pages are configured separately from the main one. SEO fields, names, descriptions, links are unique.

Blog posts

For full blog functionality we have developed post resource. You can freely manage any post.

Blog comments
Commentsnext release

Comment management system. Filtering, editing, deleting and creating.

Blog post categories and tags
Post categories and tags

How can you imagine a blog without a categorization system or tagging? We took care to create it.

Blog post multilanguage

All multilingual posts are configured separately from the main one. SEO fields, names, descriptions, links are unique.

How can we help you?

Tell us what you want to achieve by working with SpaceCode. We are ready to discuss any existing project or startup.

Laravel Web Application Development

Senior level: $30/hour

Laravel Web
Application Development

Maybe you need a custom web development solution, so our web application development services will help you achieve your business goals. Our Laravel developers specialize in building eloquent applications that are tailored specifically to your exact business needs.

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Web Site Development on CMS GoDesk

Middle level: from $730

Web Site Development
on CMS GoDesk

GoDesk offers clean and manageable control panel which is built on standardized principles and patterns with the help of Laravel Framework. While using GoDesk, we can smoothly and efficiently develop high-level Laravel websites and web apps.

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Website Migration to CMS GoDesk

Junior/Middle level: from $360

Website Migration
to CMS GoDesk

As you know there are a number of ways of integrating Some CMS to Laravel. Depending on your goals we can help you to migrate an existing website with database and functions to GoDesk. Visually and functionally, everything will remain as it was.

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