The main trends of web design 2020

The success of the website depends on the quality of the web design. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the trend, to understand which tools have become fashionable in the field of website building.

Posted: 5 months ago
The main trends of web design 2020

What was relevant in 2016-2017 is slowing down, giving way to completely new chips. And you, as a designer or a modern entrepreneur, need to know about them so that the result of web development website is not just effective, but creates the right impression of the company that owns the web resource.

Believe us, if you follow the trend of web design, your target audience will definitely appreciate it, converting from a visitor to a regular customer. And we will gladly to help you with this. In this article we will tell you which web design trends in 2020 are becoming relevant, and which should be forgotten.

Website Design Trends 2020 - Examples and Description of Key Elements

First of all, design trends have affected mobile gadgets. Only in the last year, the frequency of browsing websites using mobile devices exceeded the use of laptops and computers. It is logical that the design of the adaptive version of the site should correspond to this. More recently, the appearance of the adaptive version of the resource was limited - there were no bright elements that added weight to the pages, various full-format banners and triggers due to the limited size of the displays.

Today, when smartphones and tablets became highly intelligent, when the system recognizes a request with a voice and voice bots appeared, and the gadget's performance and the diagonal size of its screen allows you to include absolutely any tools in the website design, more opportunities have appeared for developers. This influenced the trends of web design in 2020.

Now let's move directly to the visual elements and styles that are gaining popularity and will be in trend next year.


The concept of storytelling came to us from the west and was firmly entrenched in one of the content areas. Today, one can often see storytelling on social networks that convince the reader to purchase a product or service, referring to the story of how he helped the author. But a few years ago, the principle of storytelling was entrenched in web design, showing high results.

With the help of a visually designed story that is told to the visitor, you can hold his attention for a long time, motivating you to take further actions: look at the site, learn more about the company, its products or services.

Storytelling can act in the form of video, gif animation, or it is divided into blocks and placed along the entire length of the page. This is especially convenient if it is a long main page or landing page.

More space

The trend for a large white space appeared relatively recently - in 2016-2017. However, he has reliably settled in web design due to his ability to focus on the main proposal.

Large white space visually enlarges the screen, does not allow the user to lose concentration. In addition, this color is combined with all others, so you can choose any shades as accents or design ideas. And they will look just fine.

Studio minimalist photos

Try to replace vivid and multi-element photographs on your website with high-quality images, which depict only one element that displays the idea and concept of the company. This will focus the visitor's attention and not allow him to be distracted.

Today, these pictures are in trend. And thanks to its effect, they will remain in it for a long time.

Flashy colors

No one will ever be able to forbid you to use bright colors in the design of your website if they emphasize the general idea. Colors convey emotions, and emotions - the most important thing for the user. At the sight of juicy and flashy colors, correctly chosen to each other, your target audience will appreciate your courage by staying on the site and continuing to use it.

Trends in web design - a dynamic structure. What yesterday was fashionable and relevant, tomorrow may become a passed stage, "the last century". But design elements with which you can always stay afloat, positioning your company modern and successful.

Custom block layout

The classic way of arranging blocks is already deprecated. No, it does not lose its effectiveness, but thanks to new methods of presenting information, it can be significantly increased. Try to structure information using the polygonal mesh method by randomly placing blocks throughout the page. This solution creates a new round in terms of aesthetics - it fuels the user's interest and allows not to go beyond the corporate identity of even a narrowly targeted company.

However, to use this method of placing blocks, you must carefully consider the structure of the site. Do not forget that we read from left to right, therefore, all the most important information should be on the left side.

Fullscreen video

Although the information content allows you to maximize the disclosure of the company, its competitive advantages and services, full-screen videos can cope with this no worse. Firstly, background videos make the website design unusual, modern, which increases the visitor's involvement and leads the project to greater efficiency. Secondly, the video may not be the worst story about the company. In this case, the user does not need to scroll down the page to find the information he is interested in.

In fact, a chip with full-length videos as the main background appeared a long time ago. It managed to visit the pinnacle of popularity and leave, as an unnecessary element, due to the inability to support mobile devices and a lot of weight, which led to a decrease in the speed of loading the site. But the performance of the gadgets and the technical optimization capabilities again returned the video as the main background in the system. This means that they can again take a leading position in the web development in 2020.

Geometric shapes and patterns

This trend is relatively recent. It originated in 2016, was developed in the 17th and will continue to gain momentum in popularity in 2020. Mixing various geometric shapes can give excellent results. The right selection of patterns and shapes will help create a holistic and attractive composition that is very much appreciated by user. And, despite the fact that 2D technology is gradually losing ground, giving way to 3D, such techniques can significantly refresh the design concept, making it modern and very interesting.

Cinemagraphs: the latest trends in web design 2020

Cinemagraphs are not at all gifs that have flooded the Internet as much as possible. No, these are modern static illustrations with partial animation. Cinemagraphs are a fairly new and fresh solution that should definitely be involved in the website development and web design. Judge for yourself how much they add piquancy to the appearance of the web page, revealing the purpose and the essence of the proposal itself, which carries the project.

GIF images (animation)

If cinemagraphs are a novelty in the field of design, then animation is a classic. A classic, as you know, never goes out of style. Gifs capture attention as much as possible and allow you to make it clear to the user without a long eloquent description that the company on whose website he is located offers.

Juicy graphics and images

Familiar and standard photographs becomes crowded. Sophisticated consumers need something new, interesting, unusual and extraordinary. Graphics come to the rescue. Yes, not simple, but ultra-bright, colorful, creating an emphasis on yourself.

If the bright graphics are not adjacent to the theme of the site, then photos or images will help. But they must be juicy and high quality.

By the way, an excellent solution would be to use a full-size photo as the main background. In general, this technique is more relevant for landings, but no one limits you. Be sure that such a solution will fit perfectly into a business card website or promo.

3D images

Design with 3D images is considered a priori fashionable. Three-dimensional technologies are used everywhere and are actively influencing the styles of web design in 2020. And, given the trends of augmented and virtual reality, 3D graphics will definitely get an even bigger push next year.

Colors in Web Design 2020

Want to stand out from your competitors? Bright colors will help you! They significantly "increase" the cost of the website appearance using a flat design. For the convenience of choosing trending colors, you can use the Google palette.


Not too new, but still relevant in terms of colorization - gradient color transition. A fairly simple tool that gives excellent results. The background of the page, made in a gradient, creates the impression of freshness and uniqueness.

Unique fonts

Agree, it would not be entirely appropriate to develop a unique, interesting, selling and vibrant design, and use the usual fonts, significantly worsening the appearance. Fonts greatly affect the perception of information, and can both draw the reader's attention and make it close the tab. By the way, the unique fonts will "stretch" the overall appearance if its design is modest enough.

Translucent buttons

Web design in 2020 goes into minimalism. This is evidenced by a large amount of white background, and the use of fairly common color combinations: black and white, white and gray. Therefore, a fresh solution next year will be the use of translucent buttons. Such buttons as well as opaque ones perfectly fulfill their function of lead generation, but at the same time they look very original and do not overload the website.

Parallax effect

The parallax effect was previously practically not used in the design of web resources. But in the era of progressiveness, when VR technologies have already begun to show their capabilities in full, not using parallax is comparable to a crime. Indeed, such a feature as moving the background and the main elements at different speeds will be a real find for trendy website designs. Be sure that every visitor will pay attention to this and consider this effect as a very cool image component of the resource.

Is your website ready for 2020?

Outdated web site design can significantly reduce its conversion. A lot of heavy elements, their chaotic arrangement, color mismatch, standard and template solutions distract the visitor from the conversion goal and reduce the efficiency of your business. We recommend that you redesign the site using fashion trends that will be relevant next year. Well, if you don’t have a website yet and you plan to acquire it, website design and development in our web studio will help you to become a trend, having received a constant stream of targeted traffic.